Falco Friedman - Filmmaker

Falco Friedhoff

Since 1985 Falco Friedhoff works as an independant filmmaker and produced many commissioned films. Plus some free productions.

Free productions of Falco Friedhoff are:

Siep Dooper and his son Luut Dooper and their collection of John Deere tractors

An impression of the collection antique two cylinder John Deere tractors owned by father and son Dooper. First we see their collection (more then 30 machines) en next a field is plowed with some of the machines. Special attention has been paid to the unmistakable sound of these tractors which created a perfect soundtrack of unique quality.

Duration: 50 minutes

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Siep Dooper collection

Hooked on Tradition

A portrait of the historical but still working steambrewery in Hook Norton, England. The Hook Norton Brewery is a traditional Towerbrewery in the hills North of Oxford.
(See: www.hooknortonbrewery.co.uk)

The company was founded in 1849. It brews traditional English beers and won many prizes with their brews. The film almost takes you back in time to the 19th century with its antique machines and steam engine. The whole brewing process is shown and explained. Your guide is the head brewer and director James Clarke.

The film is in English.
Duration: 30 minutes

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Hooked on tradition

Ulbe Rienkz, een Zwaga!

This is the ultimate film about the Frisian tradition of racing with antique sailing barges. Traditions originated through centuries of fierce sailing battles on the Frisian lakes. The barges are called ‘Skûtsjes’ and were specially made to fit the Frisian canals. They used to transport peat, potatoes or mud. Nowadays they are for racing only. Its become a big event in the summer on the Frisian lakes and called ‘Skutsjesilen’. Eleven races decide who will be the champion of the season.

This film follows the whole sailing season one of the renown skippers, Ulbe Zwaga. His father, grandfather, great grandfather and even further back were all champions. Will he be one too? We see him working with crews and in the eleven races.

The film is available in Dutch and Frisian.
Duration: 85 minutes

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Ulbe Rienksz een Zwaga