Falco Friedman - Filmmaker

Falco Friedhoff

Filmmaker Falco Friedhoff (1948) grew up with the traditions of the famous Dutch Documentary school of the 1950's and 1960's.

He studied at the Dutch Filmacademy and worked for five years as a filmeditor for Dutch television. Next followed the university. He studied Historical literature and the art of Filmmaking. Since 1985 he works as an independant filmmaker and produced many commisioned films. Plus some free productions.

At the moment he is working on several films about aviation. One subject is a group of formation flyers, the Dutch Thunder Yaks. They fly with former Sovjet trainers, the Yak-52.
The other subject is a vintage Consolidated PBY 5A Catalina. It has been restored into flying condition and is now back in its two elements, air and water.
Dvd's will be available in spring 2013.

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Falco Friedhoff is specialized in portraits of man and nature. History fascinates him and he likes to film old crafts and machines.

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